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Yormark, in England, raises possibility of Premier League tie-in

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Brett Yormark was in London last week, after trips to Beijing (with Kevin Garnett) and Moscow (with Andrei Kirilenko), drumming up business, and he told the BBC that the United Kingdom, like China and Russia, is on his to-do list, even raising the possibility of a connection with the English Premier League, soccer's top league.

"The UK is a very important market as we continue to globalize - we want to be very active here," he said, adding that the Nets are looking at the possibility of cross-promotion with the EPL.  There was no further discussion about the nature of the marketing, but it should be noted that Mikhail Prokhorov is friendly with the league's most prominent owner, fellow Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich of Chelsea. Other oligarchs are buying in.

The Nets, of course, will be in London in January for an NBA Global Games match-up with the Hawks. It's all part of the globalization of the franchise, Yormark told BBC. He noted that when he was in Russia, he met with 65 companies "who wanted to know how they could get involved with the NBA."

Yormark also talked about the Nets are moving from a "lifestyle" brand to a "performance" brand, that is, it's all about winning on the court now.  "Last year was good, but we want to improve on that," said Yormark. "People are now asking if we can win the championship. Pressure comes with that, but it is the sort of pressure I like."