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In the real "Captain Phillips," Nets security man was a star

Fred Galloway and Robert Masiello, Nets security ... and able story tellers
Fred Galloway and Robert Masiello, Nets security ... and able story tellers

In reviewing his time with the Nets last season, Mirza Teletovic told Bosnian media one of the best parts of his experience was listening to the stories told by the team's security team, Bob Masiello, a former NYPD undercover officer, and Fred Galloway, who worked counter-terrorism for both the NYPD and FBI.  Now, a lot of people are going to understand what Teletovic was talking about.

Galloway opened up this week to Tim Bontemps about his role in the capture of a 20-year-old Somali pirate who grabbed American ship captain Richard Phillips in the Guff of Aden back in April 2009, now the subject of Tom Hanks' new movie, "Captain Phillips."

After the Navy SEALS had taken control of the ship and the pirate it was Galloway's job to bring him back to the US for trial on piracy charges. The SEALS had killed three of the pirates, leaving only Abduwali Muse to be returned. After surviving a flight onboard an aircraft carrier, Galloway arrested Muse and flew him back to New York, interrogating him along the way.  In February 2011, he was sentenced to 33 years in federal prison.

The movie, which was shown to the Nets players and staff down at Duke, is quite real, says Galloway. "You look at Tom Hanks portraying Captain Phillips and you go, ‘Wow. He really captured it.’ He was really good."

Galloway admitted to Bontemps he doesn't miss the work. He likes sleeping in his own bed.