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Brooklyn Chant Card latest Nets status symbol


Welcome to the Brooklyn Chant Card. Fans who bought full or partial season-ticket plans this season will receive a black team-branded credit card, called the Brooklyn Chant Card, in the mail, instead of the traditional roll of paper tickets. When swiped at a turnstile, the card grants access to the Barclays Center

The Nets have even produced an instructional video for season ticket-holders. It's part of a trend in the league, the Nets becoming the 21st team to use some type of paperless ticketing system.

Fans who bought season tickets can transfer their tickets via email or sell them through third-party websites such as or, Fred Mangione, the Nets chief marketing officer, told the Wall Street Journal. But he admitted the team is trying to persuade its customers to sell their tickets via the team's NBA Ticket Exchange website instead of through third-party sellers.