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Barclays Center art to include "dreamlike" digital art

NetsDaily/Film Tony

Holy oculus!

Starting Thursday, the 360-degree, 30,000 square foot opening to the sky will feature "All Day," described by the Wall Street Journal as a "dreamlike dreamlike representation of Brooklyn and its neighborhoods." It the latest piece of art commissioned by Forest City Ratner which already includes a 70-foot mural,"Diary of Brooklyn," just inside the Dean Street entrance at the rear of the arena and "Ona," a 20-foot sculpture just outside the main entrance.

Now comes "All Day," created by OpenEndedGroup, a collaboration of three digital artists: Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar and Paul Kaiser.

"We create our pieces using thousands and thousands of photographs and treating the photos as data," Kaiser told Wall Street Journal, adding that some of the images taken from the roof of the Barclays Center.

As the Journal's Ralph Gardner writes, more than 14,000 images of Flatbush, Williamsburg, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Bed-Sty, Bushwick, etc.were fed into a computer software program that distills certain architectural features and then turns them into something called a 3-D "point cloud."

The final product will be visible to fans gathering under the oculus ... and on five screens inside the arena.