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Chris Ryan: Finally, the Nets are the "bad guys"


Chris Ryan of Grantland sums up the Nets new attitude nicely on Grantland, calling them "the new guy" at the party, the guy who shows up late to a party that's gone stale carrying a case of Grey Goose and free pizza and announces, "We in this Bitch." Then, he really takes off...

"The Nets are not subtle. They dropped a giant, rust-colored monstrosity in the middle of the busiest intersection in Brooklyn, they hired a future Hall of Famer to be their coach, they traded for a division rival's two most iconic players, and when they get cold they warm their hands by burning copies of the NBA's salary cap rules. Is your team mired in player contract hell? Sorry to hear that. Do they play in a decrepit old arena that's more suited for minor league hockey than professional basketball? Those are the breaks. Does your owner not know how to Jet Ski? Tough. The Nets are the bad guys."

The Nets as bad guys? THE NETS? Ryan is convinced it's the case and thinks fans should revel in it. Here's why: "With most of the NBA seemingly punting and building for the future, the Nets are brazenly, ridiculously all-in on right now."