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Alleged Victim in Philadephia case says Andray Blatche not involved, but didn't stop assault; No "date rape" drugs found

Don't expect any more information on alleged sexual assault case, informs the Philadelphia police.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest developments in the alleged sexual assault in Andray Blatche's hotel suite, ABC 6 in Philadelphia is reporting that the woman who claimed she'd been raped has said the Nets forward was not involved in the alleged assault but was "aware" of what was going on and did nothing to stop it.

ABC 6 reports...

The alleged victim has told them that Brooklyn Nets player Andray Blatche was not involved in the sexual assault of a 21-year-old woman inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia.

In addition, the station has backtracked on its claim that so-called date rape drugs had been found in the suite Blatche rented to celebrate news that his contract had been extended for the full season. Drugs that were found now appear to be "something else", the station reported.

Blatche's lawyer said that his client has been upset by the controversy and voluntarily submitted to a DNA test.

When an accusation is leveled and you really had nothing to do with it, no sex with the girl, nothing to do with drugs, nothing to do with getting her drunk, when you had nothing to do with it, when you had nothing to do with it, but because you're a target because you're a member of a professional basketball team, you can become extra-upset.

Earlier in the day, in a statement received by the New York Daily News, the Philadelphia police have made it clear that they will no longer release any information on the investigation around the alleged sexual assault that may have taken place in Andray Blatche's hotel suite. At least not for the time being.

Per the Daily News:

A police spokeswoman sent the Daily News an email on Wednesday that said the department will not release detailed information regarding Blatche that took place early Tuesday in a downtown Philadelphia hotel.

This comes after information was released by Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey regarding the investigation and Blatche's possible involvement.

"The Philadelphia Police Department will not release any detailed information regarding the investigation, nor will we release names of any person or person(s) potentially involved (victims, suspects, witness, etc). The information given yesterday was very preliminary and early in this investigation," the email said.

However, the police department did say that they were not "backtracking" on Ramsey's previous statement to which he all but said Blatche had little, if any, involvement in this case.