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Barclays Center adds mural at Dean Street entrance

Barclays Center

A 70-long-foot mural, entitled "Diary of Brooklyn," was unveiled Wednesday at the Dean Street entrance of Barclays Center, the latest in a series of original works that attempts to "capture the energy and vitality of the borough."

The work of art was recently completed by Jose Parla, whose fans include Jay-Z and Beyonce'. Parla says the work was inspired by the book "Brooklyn Is" by James Agee, the artist’s personal experiences of living in Brooklyn, watching Barclays Center being built, and the continued transformation of the borough.

It is one of a number of works, including digital, and even 3-D, art to be featured on the arena oculus, that have been commissioned by arena management.

The inaugural projects include a 110-foot-long mural on the suite level by Brooklyn-based artist Mickalene Thomas that combines photo collage and painting to depict the Brooklyn cityscape and two works by OpenEndedGroup, a collaborative of three digital artists—Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar, and Paul Kaiser.

OpenEndedGroup’s first project, After Ghost Catching, has been displayed on the Oculus and is an adaptation of its collaboration with dancer/choreographer Bill T. Jones. For its second piece, to be presented in spring 2013, OpenEndedGroup will take to the streets of Brooklyn to capture 3-D images of a day in the life of the borough. The resulting work, entitled All Day, will present a kaleidoscopic look at the childhood games—from pick-up basketball to tag—on Brooklyn’s playgrounds, streets, and stoops.

Meanwhile, the latest "webisode" of "The Association" is about AvOne, the street artist who painted the black-and-white mural that forms the opening sequence of the series. Where will it wind up?