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Philly Police Commissioner: Blatche not involved "in any kind of assault," investigation continuing

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey may have told the New York Times that Andray Blatche will NOT be charged in a sexual assault alleged by a 21-year-old woman early Tuesday morning but the men who work under him continue to investigate and now there is evidence a date rape drug was found in his room and pictures of the woman "in compromising position" was found on his cell phone.

"From all accounts, he (Blatche) was not personally involved in any kind of assault or anything like that," Ramsey told the Times. “He was there but he was not involved.” Beck credited the quote to fellow Times reporter Wendy Ruderman.

Ramsey told the Times investigators have ordered a rape kit in hopes of acquiring DNA evidence. He said the investigation was in its early stages and it was unclear if charges would be filed against anyone.

“She was so intoxicated,” Ramsey told the Times. “She is not going to be a very good witness.” He added, “She is being formally interviewed right now.”

Still, at 4 p.m. Tuesday, crime scene investigators were seen carrying boxes of evidence out of the Four Seasons, the Times' Zach Schonbrun tweeted. And Tuesday evening, just before the Nets were to take the court, the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia reported investigators had told the station:

--Two men who shared Blatche's suite are still in police cusody;

--The woman told investigators at least two men raped her and others saw what was happening;

--Blatche met the alleged victim at Delilah's Gentlemen's club near the stadium complex. They say she and two other women went to the Four Seasons around 3:20 a.m.

--Samples of a date rape drug were found in the suite.

--Blatche's cell phone was found with compromising pictures of the alleged victim.

The Post described the origins of the incident this way...

Sources said the woman, a stripper at a Philly club where Blatche, 26, and a handful of friends were celebrating his contract being guaranteed through the end of the season, followed the group back to the Four Seasons hotel suite along with two other exotic dancers.

The stories culminated a day of fast moving events Tuesday. Police said the woman approached police at 4 a.m. Tuesday, claiming she had been assaulted at the team hotel, the Four Seasons. Police called in Blatche and two other men, aged 41 and 25, for questioning. No one has been charged. Neither man still in custody is part of the Nets traveling party.

In a tweet early Tuesday afternoon, Blatche appeared to confirm that he had been questioned but was not a suspect, writing, "Im ok and I didn't do anything jus was n the area when it happened." He added, "getting ready for the game." Later Tuesday, he deleted the initial tweet.

At the end of the Nets' shootaround, Rod Boone reports Blatche was surrounded by reporters as he came off the court. Blatche declined to comment other than to note that Billy King had already put out a statement. "Like I said, Billy already addressed it," Boone quoted Blatche as saying.

Asked why a woman would go to the hospital at that time of morning, Blatche told reporters: "I couldn't even tell you why. Maybe she was sick. I don't know."

Also, at the shootaround, Philadelphia reporters descended on other Nets players seeking information on what they knew about the incident, leading to a classic confrontation with Deron Williams, who laughingly called one of their number "a tool." Stefan Bondy recorded and transcribed it all.

Blatche will play Tuesday night vs. the 76ers in Philadephia. Bondy tweeted that P.J. Carlesimo told reporters Billy King had made the decision to have Blatche available for tonight's game. Blatche's one-year, $1.5 million deal became fully guaranteed at 5 p.m. Monday,

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