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Mikhail Prokhorov on the slopes: "I will fix Nets"

Of course, he will.


Mikhail Prokhorov took time off from his heli-skiing vacation last week to come to New York and explain why he had blessed the firing of Avery Johnson as Nets head coach. That done, he traveled to France to pursue more skiing (sans helicopter) in the French alpine town of Courchevel, a favorite of Russian oligarchs during New Year's holiday.

Page Six, who else, reports that while there, he had a short conversation on the slopes with one of their sources: "When a fellow vacationer asked the mogul in Russian about his NBA team, he responded by confidently saying, 'I’m going to fix it. We will win'."

Winning it all by 2015 remains a high-stakes gamble for the Nets owner. He has said that if he doesn't win, he will marry. Meanwhile, Marc Stein assures Nets fans that even if Phil Jackson turns them down, there is bound to a long line of potential suitors available in the off-season.