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No Yay's for Dray: Andray Blatche returns to Washington


The Nets are in Washington Friday night to face a team with four wins, two at home, and the big story is Andray Blatche, who Washington fans will supposedly be out in droves to boo. Probably not too many. The Wizards are 23rd in attendance. It looks like they will get a lot more chances than expected. With Kris Humphries probably out, and P.J. Carlesimo the leading advocate of playing Blatche and Brook Lopez together, expect to see a lot of the 6'11" Blatche, who played seven years in Washington.

Blatche says "It’s another game. It’s a regular game for me. No emotional ties or nothing." They always say that but it would be human nature to repay a team he's said "tried to end me." Blatche of course was only one part of the story at this morning's shootaround. The Nets are looking at a relatively easy schedule for the next week after playing the East's toughest schedule thus far.

Still, Carlesimo noted, "If we come in thinking we've solved everything, thinking all we have to do is show up, we'll lose or we'll struggle." Deron Williams added, "That (OKC) was a good win for us. So we don't want to take one step forward, two steps back." C.J. Watson and Jerry Stackhouse are expected to be available.