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Brook Lopez checks all the boxes this season ... except on the All-Star ballot


Here's a quiz for NBA fans who are pondering who to vote for in the All-Star balloting...

Who's the Nets' leading scorer and best shooter?

Brook Lopez.

Who's the NBA's highest scoring center?

Brook Lopez.

Who's ranked No. 5, league wide, in player efficiency rating?

Brook Lopez

Who's currently 14th among frontcourt players in All-Star voting behind Andrew Bynum, who's unlikely to even play before the All-Star Game?

Brook Lopez ... never mind!

Stefan Bondy writes Friday of the Nets center, whose four-year $60.8 million contract now looks like the Nets' smartest off-season move. "Lopez is the quirky nerd of his position and team, a 7-foot kid obviously not yet popular with the All-Star voters," writes Bondy. "But the comic-book and super-hero enthusiast has developed into Brooklyn’s’ savior this season, with his numbers improving under interim coach P.J. Carlesimo."

Under Carlesimo, Lopez is averaging 24.2 points, 8.0 rebounds while shooting 61.7 percent from the floor and 88.5 percent from the stripe. No wonder Carlesimo told Michael Kay Thursday that Lopez is his choice for Most Improved Player.

He also gets this praise from Gerald Wallace, who's watched Lopez grow from a rookie.

"I just think except for him having injuries and missing games, he’s always been efficient and talented. Earlier, I just think it was the team wasn’t doing well and it kind of hurt his chances," Wallace told Bondy. "But other than that, I just think he’s been an All-Star since he’s been in the league. He might be the only dominant center that’s 7-foot and can do the things that he does."