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Reggie Evans: Heat, LeBron comments were 'taken way out of proportion'

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After Reggie Evans made some interesting remarks at yesterday's practice, calling out the Heat for winning during a lockout season and comparing LeBron James to Joe Johnson and Andray Blatche, today he seemed to be walking them back a little.

According to Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York, Evans joined SiriusXM's "Off the Dribble" show this morning to walk back his statements, just a little bit.

"I just said they won a championship in a lockout season. That's what I said. So I never downplayed it or nothing, I just said they won a championship. That was really about it. I guess people just took it out of proportion."

Here is what Stefan Bondy, the only reporter who spoke with Evans, quoted him as saying...

His exact answer: "That don't prove nothing. That was a lockout season. That don't prove nothing."

Bondy also tweeted, "To be fair to Reggie, by the time ESPN and was done re-writing and cherry-picking the interview five times, his words were twisted." Yeow!

The comments were made much worse, after the Heat embarrassed the Nets at home last night, beating them by 20 points. It also didn't help that Evans did not talk to the media after last night's loss.

After the game, James threw a few jabs Evans' way, reading through his stat-line, which consisted of zero offensive rebounds, and putting him on the spot for not having won a ring himself.

Evans went on, during his interview this morning, to say that he's the type of player to "say it to your face." Except that, he didn't quite say it to James' face. At least not yesterday he didn't.