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BROOK(lyn), BROOK(lyn) ... NetsDaily Loud and Proud show support for Lopez

In the latest report on Loud and Proud's efforts to support Brook Lopez, Alyonka Larionov has posted a video in which she talks to Bobby Edemeka (aka GothamGooner) who led a group of posters, each armed with a poster, into Barclays Center Monday night. The effort to get Lopez on the team is still alive after Rajon Rondo went down Sunday, opening a roster spot in the East. Alyonka's report is posted both on and BCTV.

Bobby explained the effort to Alyonka this way, "Today, a group of fans from a website,, got together to show our support for Brook Lopez and that we feel that he's played an all-Star caliber season thus far and that he's been completely overlooked and we just wanted to let him know that we appreciate him and there was a lot of people who wanted to come out and show their support. So it was really easy to give away the tickets."

Of the Big Head Bobby brought to the game (and which was shown at both ends of the court), Lopez said, "I didn't see it until I started shooting free throws right before the beginning of the game. It was a pretty big head. It was an ugly head but it was a big one."