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Reggie Evans on the key to rebounding: "Just get it."

Nets are 10-2 with Reggie Evans in starting lineup. What's the key to his rebounding prowess?

Reggie Evans has a basic skill and he takes a very basic approach to it. When asked by a reporter for Hawkeye Sports Report what it takes to be a top rebounder in the NBA, he smiled and said, "Just get it."

Elaborating, the former Iowa Hawkeye explained, "Just get it. Just get it. Sometimes, it takes positioning. Sometimes, it takes a lot of thinking because i'm not the most athletic and for my position -- I'm really only about 6'7" --. So I'm kinda short for my position. So it's really all about using your head and having the knack, the energy, just going, just get it, have different ways to just get it."

The 32-year-old Evans, tops in rebounds per 48 minutes, also talked about how he hopes to play for a while. He has a three-year, $5 million contract with the Nets. "I want to continue to hoop," he said. "I feel good, I'm in good conditioning. I'm in good health. I train hard in the summer time so I don't take this for granted."