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The third tally of NBA All-Star ballots are in! And the results are, well, meaningless

Deron Williams and Brook Lopez are featured on the third returns of the NBA All-Star ballot.

Ronald Martinez

At this point, really, the NBA All-Star ballots are pretty much meaningless. With the way that voting is conducted, we're seeing some pretty laughable results.

As for your beloved Nets, Deron Williams is closing in -- sort of, but not really -- on a starting guard position in the East, standing at 3rd overall behind only Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo. Good news, right? Well, not really, considering Williams is more than 300,000 votes behind Rondo. It's hard to imagine that Williams will leap Rondo at this point.

In the frontcourt -- this year there is not distinction between forwards and centers -- Brook Lopez is currently 14th, just ahead of Jeff Green (yup!) and behind the likes of Shane Battier (no, seriously), Amar'e Stoudemire (and his 17 whole minutes played) and Andrew Bynum (zero minutes played).

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 All-Star ballot returns.

I for one can see LeBron James (1st) and Carmelo Anthony (2nd) getting voted in ahead of Lopez, but really aside from Anderson Varejao (who is currently 9th in the frontcourt and injured), you'd have a tough time making an argument for most of the players currently ahead of Lopez.

Joe Johnson is not in the Top 10 among backcourt players in the East, if you must know.

There's really only one way to illustrate the somewhat ridiculous and meaningless nature of All-Star voting -- out West, Jeremy Lin has almost as many votes as Chris Paul and nearly twice as many as James Harden.

Jeremy Lin. #NBABallot