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Billy King: Mikhail Prokhorov and I will discuss P. J. Carlesimo this week

Bruce Bennett

In an interview with, Billy King said he and Mikhail Prokhorov will be talk this week about the job P. J. Carlesimo's has done so far but does not expect to have a timetable on any coaching decision, that "We're just going to continue to evaluate the situation."

Prokhorov and Dmitry Razumov, his No. 2, will be at Barclays Center for the Heat and Bulls games.

"Ownership is going to be in town Wednesday and Friday. So I'm sure we'll have a chance to visit and meet a little bit," said King. "I don't know if a decision is going to made but I think what we'll do is sit there and talk about the job he's done and where we are as a team, but I dont think there's a specific timetable where we will go forward and make any further announcements. We're just going to continue to evaluate the situation."

King implied Prokhorov will make the final decision on coaching, either now or in the future and added, that his boss knows what he's talking about when it comes to basketball.

"He is very knowledgeable about the game of basketball. He understands it, about how it should be played," King said. "A lot of times sitting with him in the suite at a game, he's talking about they should did this on the fast break. That part of it is something our fan base may not know. He's very, very knowledgeable about basketball besides being very wealthy.

"And the other thing is that he allows me to do my job. He calls every now and then, but he's not overbearing. He put me in place to let me do my job."

In answer to another coaching question, King said that Deron Williams did not know that ownership had let Avery Johnson go until after Johnson had been informed by King. "He had no idea what was taken place. Ownership and I had talked that morning. and he found out after I had already spoken to Avery. He was just as shocked as anyone."

King also spoke about the Brooklyn fan base and what it will take to get it to the next level.

"The fans have been great here. They've got their signature 'Brook-lyn' chant that they do. And I think it is going to continue to grow," King told David Aldridge. "The way we grow our fan base and get them really excited is that you've got to give them playoff basketball. thats when they will see that NBA basketball is at its best when you're in the playoffs and every bucket counts, every possession matters."

Finally, King reiterated his shock that Brook Lopez wasn't selected to the All-Star Game, calling it "a disgrace."