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Are the Nets out of the running for Rudy Gay?


In what might be considered good news for some of the NetsDaily community, it seems as if the Nets might actually be out of the running for Rudy Gay.

It's been said that the Nets really do covet the Grizzlies' swingman, but today Adrian Wojnawroski of Yahoo! Sports dropped a mini-bomb in that the Raptors and Grizzlies are fairly deep into talks that would send Gay to Toronto. However, the hold up is that they can't find a third team to take on Jose Calderon.

The interesting note here is that Calderon is on the final year of his contract ($10 million), which could lead one to believe that the Grizzlies are serious about one thing: finding the right trade partner/assets and not simply salary dumping Gay (at least not until the end of this season).

A true salary dump proposal would be Calderon's expiring, promising big Ed Davis and picks for Gay, right? Seeing as they don't want Calderon, it would seem as if they're serious about holding onto Gay unless the perfect deal comes along.

To the Grizzlies, the perfect deal consists of three things: a young asset, a player to help them win now (and who doesn't carry a hefty salary beyond this year) and picks.

Do the Nets have the assets to make that work -- without pulling in a third team?

Regardless, the Raptors and Grizzlies seem close -- but it also seems as if the Grizzlies are content with holding steady. It's doesn't however, seem like the Nets would want to get involved as a third team in this deal.

My read is that the Nets aren't the right trade partner for what the Grizzlies want. So, maybe it's time for us to turn our speculative efforts elsewhere, no?