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Deron Williams, Joe Johnson: Still an honor if chosen as All-Star replacement

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Whether chosen by the fans, the coaches or the Commissioner, being an All-Star is an All-Star, said two Nets players who've been there.

"I think it's a great honor, however it comes," Deron Williams said of possibly being an injury replacement. His teammate, Joe Johnson, agreed, noting that his first All-Star selection in 2007 was the result of then-Nets point guard Jason Kidd getting hurt.

Williams has a shot at making the team because he's a point guard and with Rajon Rondo out with a torn ACL, the East has only two, Kyrie Irving and Jrue Holiday, both first time All-Stars. D-Will has made the team three times, Johnson six straight times. No word from Brook Lopez, who many believe was the biggest snub in the coaches voting.

Williams explained why he bolted after being ejected late in Saturday night's loss to Houston."I just wanted to make sure I didn't say something stupid. That was it," Williams said Monday.