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Berger: Perhaps the Nets would be interested in trading for Kevin Garnett.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With Rajon Rondo now out for the season, there is plenty of speculation that the Boston Celtics might just "blow the whole thing up."

And according to Ken Berger of CBS Sports, one option might be for the Celtics to move Kevin Garnett with -- as he puts it -- the Nets being a possible destination. "Perhaps."

Would some big-spending contender -- the Nets, perhaps -- be willing to go all-in with a two-year rental of Kevin Garnett, whose ferocity and defensive leadership would cost $12.4 million next season plus the $6 million he'll be guaranteed in 2014-15 at age 38?

It's all speculation, of course, and the reason you have to believe he brings up the Nets is because they are willing to spend money -- Garnett has two years, $23 million remaining on his contract after this season -- and their need for a power forward.

The piece as a whole, though, is filled with speculative trade rumors, including one that has the Memphis Grizzlies possibly trying to make a deal for Paul Pierce. That idea, however, was essentially shot down by Marc Stein of ESPN.

Point being, take these rumors for what they are. The idea, sure, would make some sense. But to the Nets have the assets the Celtics desire and do the Celtics dare trade their beloved Garnett to a team within their division?