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Bojan Bogdanovic getting rep as one of Europe's top scorers

Savas Birdal for NetsDaily

Bojan Bogdanovic had another explosive performance Sunday, this time in the Turkish League. He scored 26 points on 16 shots in 30 minutes, production that is becoming commonplace for the 6'8" swingman. On Thursday, he scored 26 in a Euroleague game in 33 minutes and is now the second highest scorer in the Euroleague Round of 16, the intermediate round between the Euroleague's regular season and its Final Four in June. In the two games he shot 15-of-30, including 5-of-13 from deep. He went to the line 18 times, making 17.

Fenerbahce, where he and fellow Euro-Net Ilkan Karaman play, won 82-77, to remain atop the Turkish League standings, but bad defense again made what should have been an easy win tough.

Savas Birdal of tells NetsDaily that Bogdanovic has taken over the lead scorer role from American Bo McCalebb, one of Europe's top players.

"McCalebb was injured at the start of the season, missed a month or so and hasn't been the same since," Birdal writes in an e-mail. "Bojan used the opportunity and slowly picked up that role. Now McCalebb is back and I'd say he's still the No. 1 option but Bogdanovic is more efficient and taking more responsibility than he used to before. He has been improving nonstop for the past 2 years."

Karaman, who is Fener's back-up at center and power forward, had seven points (including a three-pointer) and four rebounds in 18 minutes Sunday.