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Brooklyn court woes attract Deron Williams attention

Red Bull

Remember back in the summer when Deron Williams surprised some streetballers during a photo shoot for Red Bull at Brooklyn's Tillary Park Courts? The fans loved him being there, but the courts were in bad shape.

He remembers too ... and doing something about it. On his official website, D-Will talked about the experience that day back in August.

I had a chance to do a photo shoot at one of the courts and walk around with the Parks & Recreation guys. They had already refurbished the park. But the basketball court was in bad shape. It needed new goals. There were holes and cracks in the court. It's a dangerous environment for kids to be playing on. So for us to be able to go in there and refurbish courts and make it playable so kids can go and play basketball, I think it means a lot to them.

Specifically, for every assist he distributes over the next two seasons will trigger a $150 contribution to the refurbishment of eight public basketball courts in Brooklyn. With 319 assists, Williams has generated $47,850 for the project so far. His goal this season is $100,000. The campaign is in conjunction with Red Bull.

These people in this community support us at every game and cheer us on in person or on television. This means a lot to us. And, more importantly, it means a lot to them.