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Yormark Twins see success as the greatest revenge

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

For the last several years, the Yormark brothers have been fighting a losing battle. Brett's NBA Nets and Michael's NHL Panthers were bottom-dweller in their respective leagues. Some of their moves were controversial (Brett's more than Michael's) and their one joint effort, a "snowbird" ticket exchange between the two teams, was seen as gimmicky at best.

Now, things have changed. The Panthers ended a 10-year playoff drought last year, losing to the Devils in the first round. The Nets opened a new arena in a new city and appear headed for the playoffs themselves. The two have set up exclusive clubs at their arenas for high-rollers. Things are good.

Brett was in Florida this week for an off-site conference of some 40 Barclays Center executives (nice timing!). He and his brother sat down with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel to talk about their hopes for their franchises. He said the big difference in Brooklyn is that the franchise is no longer in "survival mode."