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Joe Johnson: First month, I was in "blind situation"


In an quick interview with the Memphis Commercial Appeal Friday, Joe Johnson says his first month with the Nets was a tough period of adjustment, what he calls a "blind situation," where he didn't know what others expected of him.

It was unfamiliar territory for me. I had to feel my way into a blind situation, what the coaches and players expected of me. For the first two months, it was feel (point guard) Deron (Williams) out, feel (center) Brook (Lopez) out, feel the coaches out. I didn’t quite know what my spots on the court would be. When you go through a change like that, it takes awhile to find your role. In January, we regained our confidence and we pretty much all know our roles.

Johnson, who played his high school and college ball across the Mississippi in Arkansas, said that his role model back then was Penny Hardaway. "I wanted to be a big point guard like him who made plays."