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Nets get embarrassed by the Grizzlies, losing 101-77; Downright ugly

The Nets got flat-out embarrassed by the Grizzlies.


It was a battle of bigs, as Brook Lopez -- the world's most famous NBA All-Star snub -- and the Brooklyn Nets travelled to Memphis to take on Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph and the Grizzlies.

And boy was this a game the Nets want to forget. There was, really, nothing to like. The Grizzlies put on an offensive clinic, while the Nets played sluggish on both ends. Oh where to begin, when you watch a team lose 101-77.

The game got off to a big-man's start. Lopez had seven of the team's first nine points, while Gasol and Randolph went for 12 of the team's first 19. Gasol finished the quarter with 12 points on 6-of-9 shooting, while the Grizzlies as a team shot 51.9 percent from the floor and out-rebounded the Nets 15-8. The Nets couldn't contend with their size, as the Griz took at 32-22 lead into the second quarter.

In the second, the Nets' bench did their best to try and claw their way back into this one, with a balanced attack, but it was just too much Jerryd Bayless, Chris Johnson and Tony Wroten, believe it or not. The trio of guards scored 22 second-quarter points. The game quickly got out of hand, after the Nets pulled to within six points early in the second. It was flat-out ugly.

Look at these halftime numbers, as the Grizzlies embarrassed the Nets, taking a 67-44 lead into the half.

  • Grizzlies shot 60.4 percent from the floor.
  • Grizzlies bench scored 22 points.
  • Grizzlies out-rebounded the Nets 24-13.
  • Nets had eight assists and five turnovers, while the Grizzlies had 17 assists to just three turnovers.
  • I could go on. It was absolutely one of the ugliest halves in basketball. There was nothing positive to take away from this one, as the Nets showed nothing on either ends of the basketball court.

    The Nets came out in the third and, it didn't get much better. At one point, the Grizzlies had a 30-point lead. The Nets did their best to pull the game within 20, but the damage had already been done. They trailed 85-67 at the end of the third. Which, you know, is an 18-point deficit against the NBA's top defensive team.

    There wasn't much going on in the fourth quarter. Deron Williams banged his knee with Darrell Arthur and limped off the court, but he seemed to be OK. Again, you wish you could pull a positive from this one but... Well, the Nets did shoot 25 free throws to the Grizzlies' eight attempts. So, there's that.

    And if you must know, Nets fans, how I feel (as someone who spent years covering the Memphis Grizzlies):
    So, that's where I'm at. And if you really must know, this loss pained me.

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