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Deron Williams: "We hurt for Brook"


In comments at Friday shootaround, Brook Lopez admitted he disappointment and both P. J. Carlesimo and Deron Williams expressed disbelief that he didn't make the All-Star team reserves, which were announced Thursday night.

“I was a little disappointed there was no one from our team at all. It's tough for me to envision,” Lopez said,

Carlesimo was sarcastic, Williams stoical.

The coaches, who pick the reserves, "must just feel that our chemistry is unbelievable bc we're winning these games w/ limited talent," said Carlesimo, who though the team should have had multiple all-stars.

"I just thought he should've made it. ... We hurt for him," said D-Will.

They are not alone. At least among Eastern Conference players, Lopez's snub was viewed as the most egregious.

Wrote Bill Simmons, not known as a Nets homer...

Maybe it wasn't a travesty along the lines of Art Carney winning the 1974 Best Actor Oscar over Pacino in Godfather II and Nicholson in Chinatown, but Chris Bosh making the All-Star team over Brook Lopez was pretty reprehensible. The Nets are 24-11 when Lopez plays. He's their go-to guy down the stretch. He gets routinely double-teamed. He's turned himself into this generation's Rik Smits. Meanwhile, Chris Bosh made the New Year's resolution, "I'm gonna stop rebounding in 2013 and see what happens." Ridiculous.

Based on Twitter feeds of Zach Schonbrun, Tim Bontemps and Rod Boone.