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Toko Shengelia's wild night in Springfield

Video of every point, every rebound. How impressed with Toko Shengelia was a Maine Red Claws blogger Thursday night? So impressed he edited the Red Claws - Armor game tape down to a highlight package of Shengelia's record-setting game, all 39 points, all 18 rebounds, plus a few of his six assists.

As the highlight reel shows, eight of his franchise-record 17 field goals were dunks, many of them driving one-handers in traffic. The Armor announcer gets very excited on more than one of them. Even more impressive though is his motor, non-stop hustle from one end to the other. As Crab Dribbles, the Maine fan blog notes, "Toko’s averages are now at 30.5 points, 14 rebounds, nine assists and three steals per game for the Armor. Not bad for a 21 year old who’s only getting 4.2 minutes per game with the Nets."