Loud & Proud: Lopez Appreciation Night - Monday, Jan 28th


On Monday, Jan 28th when the Nets host Orlando, let's welcome Brook home with some signs and chants that show that the huge season he has had so far has not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated by the people who study his every move in every game and know his game best.

So, here's the deal: I'm going to buy a bunch of tickets (between 20 and 40) and they will be free of charge to people who will commit to 1) bring a sign with a message of appreciation for Brook Lopez and 2) chant and cheer in support of Brook and the rest of the team from tip-off to the final horn.

Once I've figured out how many tickets I'm buying (have to wait till the group ticket office opens tomorrow), I'll know how many I can distribute. People who only need 1 ticket will have a better chance of receiving one than those who will need more than one. And I'm really hoping that I can count on at least a few Loud & Proud regulars to be in the group to hold things down ...

And if you're already going to the game, please think of bringing a sign anyway

Check back here tomorrow afternoon for more details ... Thanks!