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Deron Williams: "Avery was a great coach, a great motivator"


Near the end of the latest episode of "The Association," airing Wednesday night, Deron Williams talks about his relationship with his former head coach, a man who some thought was dispatched because the two didn't get along.

Not so, says D-Will.

Speaking directly into the camera, Williams says, "Me and Avery had a great relationship. We've had a lot of dinners, we talked a lot about basketball, about life.

"I really enjoyed my time with Avery. I thought he was a great coach and a great motivator. So I really enjoyed playing with him."

The episode, entitled, "A Different Direction," is focused on Johnson's firing and the team's resurrection under P. J. Carlesimo. Much of the highlights have already been seen in excerpts, but not Williams' valedictory on Johnson.

Williams ends the episode with a statement about what his role is now. "as a point guard, as leader of this team, i feel i need to step my game up."

A full version of the episode is linked below.