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Stan Van Gundy: Deron Williams "overrated;" Joe Johnson "underappreciated"

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Doug Pensinger

Well, it appears Stan Van Gundy really doesn't want the job of coaching the Nets. He just called Deron Williams one of the most overrated players in the game. At the end of a lengthy interview with USA Today, Van Gundy was asked who he thought was the most overrated player in the NBA today. He chose two.

Jeremy Lin. He's not a guy who should be third in the (All-Star) voting. I never thought (Nets point guard) Deron Williams was overrated but right now people still look at him as one of the top two or three point guards in the league. He hasn't been that (in recent seasons)

And how about the most underrated?

I don't know if he's underrated but (the Nets') Joe Johnson is underappreciated.

Van Gundy reiterated his position about pursuing the coaching job in Brooklyn.

My brother and I believe the same thing — if somebody already has a job (they won't campaign for it). P.J. (Carleismo) has the (Nets) job. I know, like and respect P.J.. If it were the off-season, I would listen to (overtures from NBA teams). But I don't know. I've only been out of it six or seven months. I'm not ready to make that decision and just jump back in, like what Andy Reid did (with the Kansas City Chiefs).
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