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Deron Williams in "The Association" excerpt says he never dissed Avery Johnson or his system

Mike Ehrmann

In the next edition of "The Association - Brooklyn Nets," Deron Williams attempts to clear the air on his relationship with Avery Johnson. Moreover, he claims the media blew his comments out of proportion.

Never did I say I had a problem with Avery Johnson. Never did I say I had a problem with his system. I just said, there were times we ran a lot of iso's. it was different from what I had done in the past and it was taking some time to adjust. Media takes it as I don't like his system, that I liked playing for Coach Sloan better, when those words never came out of my mouth.

Williams was referring to comments he made prior to the Utah Jazz game on December 19 about the Jazz playbook, saying it was better suited to his game. The comments were interpreted as a criticism of Johnson.

In an earlier excerpt of Wednesday's episode, D-Will said he was at the practice facility working out when heard the news Johnson had been let go,

I was riding the bike and Billy came across the court to let me know he had just let Avery go. I was shocked. I had no clue it was coming. You know it wasn't one man's fault. It was the collective group.

The episode airs at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and 1:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. Thursday, all Eastern Time.