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It's Joe Johnson time in the Big Apple

He's not Iso-Joe anymore. He is Joe Cool ... of New York City

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Forget the contract. It may be $89 million over four, but he's playing like he's worth it. Forget the trade.It cost five players, two draft picks and the right to swap two others, but who can remember any of their names. Forget that the Hawks wanted rid of him. They believed he was on the down side of his career, but they were wrong Forget it all. Joe Cool is bringing it, embracing the moment. As Mike Vaccaro writes...

"There’s nobody you’d rather see with the ball in the end," Brook Lopez says.

"He wants it, every time," Deron Williams says.

"Yes," Joe Johnson says. "I want to take that shot ... I wasn't passing it."

In the wild ride that's been the Nets season, it's been Joe Johnson, the constant. Game winner vs. Detroit. Game winner vs. Washington. Game winner vs. New York. Brooook-lyn, Broook-lyn.

He relishes not just the moment but the rivalry. The unabashed "country" boy (from the city of Little Rock), he's never backed down from the big city fight. With D-Will trying to calm him at the Brooklyn Backcourt press conference, he called the Nets the better team in the city, igniting the inter-borough battles. And he never backed off it, not one drop step. And certainly not after Monday.

"That's what I feel," Johnson said. "It’s not going to change."

He's not Iso-Joe anymore. He is Joe Cool, and don't you forget it.