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Vecsey: More on Nets' pursuit of Rudy Gay: Interest is "high" but needs third team

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Once again on Monday, Peter Vecsey engaged with NetsDaily fans and others on Brooklyn's pursuit of Rudy Gay. Vecsey in response to a fan's question tweeted the Nets interest in pursuing Gay as "High but not to the point of going overboard. Commitment to Gay's contract is overboard enough." Gay is owed, with a player option in 2014-2015, $54 million over the next three years.

Asked if a straight two-way deal would satisfy the Grizzlies, Vecsey replied that any deal would have to be broader than that. "No, need to use another team to get Grizzlies a player they want."

Expect the pace of the rumors to increase later this week when the Nets travel to Memphis to face the Grizzlies.