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Tyshawn Taylor happy he argued that Deron Williams is NBA's best point guard

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As we've noted before, Tyshawn Taylor has always won ... and it started at St. Anthony's of Jersey City, where he led the Friars to a 33-0 record and both state and national championships. He dropped by the Friars locker room Saturday night following their latest win. He talked with a Jersey Journal reporter about his high school days as well as his new team.

"They treat me good and I love being on the team I'm on," said Taylor, whose seen limited minutes so far as a third stringer behind Deron Williams and C. J. Watson. But the experience has convinced that he was right in arguments he was having back at Kansas.

"I argued with a lot of people about D-Will being the best point guard in the league for a long time and now I'm playing behind him, beside him," he told reporter Patrick Villanova.

He also spoke about how the firing of Avery Johnson has helped him understand the NBA is a business. "I think it just brings the reality of how much of a business the NBA is. Two weeks before that, Avery was the Coach of the Month, then I come to practice one day after a day off and he's fired," said Taylor. "So I think as a rookie, this is all new to me. So it just kind of opened my eyes to how much of a business it really is."