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Vecsey: "Validity to Nets interest in Rudy Gay"


In a lengthy and far-reaching Twitter conversation with NetsDaily fans Saturday night through Sunday morning, Peter Vecsey talked about Rudy Gay, Paul Millsap and Kris Humphries value, the headlines being that he believes the Nets have made overtures to the Grizzlies about Gay but unless they get the 6'8" SF with the max contract, they're likely to stand pat at the deadline.

Vecsey, who left the Post last year, now uses Twitter to get out his news, often engaging with fans. He has been complimentary of Billy King's efforts in the past and seems to have insight into the Nets plans.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation...

--On whether the Nets have spoken to the Grizzlies about Gay...

I believe they've taken place re Gay. Have no idea regarding Millsap.

There's validity to Nets' interest in Gay. How it turns out is anyone's guess

--On the basic parameters of a deal...

Wouldn't dare try 2 guess percentage. Nets are trying to use KH's $12M salary & Brooks as partial enticement 2 get Gay

--On the likelihood of getting Gay and whether they're really interested in others...

Don't believe they can get Gay. No, otherwise

Other than Gay, I don't envision a relatively young All-Star forward being available, even if they had ample assets.

--On what they're like to give up and what they're not...

Yes. They'r not going to break up primary nucleus to get Gay, though

Nets owner isn't concerned about overpaying players who produce. I would get Gay if all it took was 4 picks, Kris, MarShon

--On why the Nets' reported interest in Millsap...

If report is true Nets are considering trade 4 Millsap it’s surely not 2 keep, but to use in package 2 acquire Gay

--On whether getting Gay would mean dumping Gerald Wallace...

I believe they'd keep him. I believe they'd want to keep him. I believe they'd have no choice but to keep him

Wallace creates as many problems for defenders at the four as they do for him....except he's tougher than 90 percent of league

--If not Gay, what about using Humphries contract to get someone else...

They're not looking 2 acquire marginal players. Humprhies' contract more of an asset this summer as it enters expiration year

Nets aren't title contender this year. If someone can be had to put them closer to that level u do it. Rising UFA Millsap does not

The Nets had assigned a high priority to signing Gay back in 2010, believing they had enough cap space to lure the then 23-year-old. However, Memphis surprised everyone by giving Gay the max. He is owed $34.3 million over the next two years and has a player option on another $19.3 million in 2014-15. He is currently averaging 17.6 points and 5.8 rebounds, but shooting only 41.6 percent overall and 31.2 percent from three, both below his career averages.

Not everyone believes Memphis is serious about dealing Gay. Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld tweets the Grizzlies are more interested in trading Zach Randolph who is owed roughly the same money as Gay but is five years older.

Meanwhile, Sam Amico of FOX Sports reiterated the Nets interest in MIllsap, writing Sunday, "Brooklyn, Milwaukee and Denver are among the teams that might make a play for Utah forward Paul Millsap at the deadline. Millsap's contract expires at season's end. Most teams interested in obtaining Millsap, however, would do so with the intent of offering him an immediate extension."

Amico also writes that the teams with the most serious interest in Gay include "Charlotte, Minnesota, Phoenix and, more recently, Atlanta."