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Jerry Stackhouse, the fountain of youth ... and star of Australian press

An Australian writer looks at the relentless Jerry Stackhouse

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout Australia Wednesday, readers of the Melbourne Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Newcastle Star, the Wagin Argus and other papers down under were greeted by a profile of Jerry Stackhouse. No, we don't know how that happened but the writer, Roy Ward, does a nice job on the Nets sixth man. There doesn't seem to be a Aussie connection and maybe it's published elsewhere, but the Nets are about that global brand.

Ward talks to Stack about his routine during the summer and how he's always looking for an edge. "The less time you take away from your craft the more chance you have of withstanding and being able to play for a long time," says Stackhouse who admits his 17-year journey in the NBA is about four or five years longer than he thought he would last.

He also reveals that to his wife's chagrin, he is constantly trying whatever strength and conditioning doodad is being hawked on cable TV. The reasoning simple: "If I see something on one of those gimmicks on TV that can give me a little edge than I try it out."

But if viewers of NBA international had their interest piqued by the profile, they're out of luck. He's out vs. the Thunder.