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Might the Nets actually be interested in trading for Chris Singleton? suggests that the Nets should trade for Chris Singleton.


It's an interesting thought, but there's no real indication that the Nets are actually interested in trading for Wizards second-year forward Chris Singleton.

Per a rumor on -- yes, just a rumor -- Joe Kaiser muses that the Nets, along with the Utah Jazz, should consider trading for the "defensive-minded" Singleton, who seems to have lost the faith of his head coach, Randy Wittman.

The trade speculation came after Singleton picked up four straight DNP-CDs (Did Not Play-Coach's Decision).

Kaiser writes:

With Singleton not even playing, we have to wonder if any other teams might be interested in dealing for him. After all, there aren't a whole lot of players like him around the league; Singleton's an affordable young, defensive-minded big who can play both forward positions. Some of the league's middle-class teams like Utah and Brooklyn that are in need of defensive improvement at the forward positions might have interest in working out a deal for Singleton.

Sure, it makes some sense, as the Nets could use a big, athletic wing off the bench who can play some defense.

However, again, this is all a matter of speculation. Even on the Wizards' part. Singleton is just 23 years old, and a former first-round draft pick. It's not as if there isn't expected to be some inconsistencies from a player in just his second year in the league.