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Karaman sets up Facebook page, asks fans to email him

Ilkan Karaman/Facebook

Ilkan Karaman, the Nets Turkish Euro-stash, has set up a Facebook page, an email for fans (, part of a new endorsement deal with Red Bull, according to a tweet he posted Wednesday morning in Turkish. The Facebook page is in English. Karaman, a half-inch short of 6'10", is seen as a rising star in the Turkish and Euroleagues. The 22-year-old plays alongside the Nets other Euro-Stash, Bojan Bogdanovic, at Fenerbahce. He was named "Best Young Player" in the Turkish League last season and drafted at #57 in June by the Nets.

Among Red Bull's biggest athlete endorser is Deron Williams. Their other NBA stars include Blake Griffin, Rajon Rondo and Anthony Davis. Karaman, like Williams (and Jerry Stackhouse, Tyshawn Taylor and Mirza Teletovic) is represented by Jeff Schwartz.