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Hundreds of Bolts Replaced at Barclays Center, Concern about "Structural Integrity?"


The Times reports Wednesday that there have been continuing problems with the 11,998 rusted steel panels that form the Barclays Center exterior. The problems included replacement of nearly 2,000 bolts fastening the panels to the arena's frame just before Hurricane Sandy hit as well as some leakage. Charles V. Bagli writes...

Lately, iron workers have replaced hundreds of bolts that anchor the panels to the building’s structure. Engineers determined that weaker ones were originally installed, raising concerns about the structure’s integrity.

The incorrect bolts were discovered only a month before the Barclays Center was scheduled to open on Sept. 28. The arena ultimately opened on time and it survived Hurricane Sandy’s winds a month later.

After examining every joint, engineers determined that only 8 percent of the 23,351 weaker bolts needed to be replaced.

The arena and its panels survived the storm, but now there is a storm of controversy over whether Forest City Ratner informed the City Buildings Department. The city said it should have been informed. FCR says it did, producing a letter to justify its position.