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Brooklyn Nets Got Practice Facility Blues


The Nets have been shuttling between practice facilities all year. Their traditional facility ,and where most of their training equipment is located, is the PNY Center in East Rutherford. Hurricane Sandy put it out of commission for a month ... there were dead fish in the weight room. So, early on, the Nets spent a lot of time on the Barclays Center practice court. When Avery Johnson was let go, P. J. Carlesimo decided to move back to Jersey.

That's fine with most of the team, those who live in New Jersey. Not so with Joe Johnson, one of the handful who live in the city (along with Deron Williams and Kris Humphries).

"They had a lot of input into it and guys are going to be divided," Carlesimo told Rod Boone. "I'm sure a couple of the New York guys would rather be in Brooklyn. You can make a case for that too . . . But I like coming here because I like the setting better for getting things done."

The Nets will be moving at some point to a new training facility, but that too has been affected by Sandy. At least two of the sites they looked at in Brooklyn were under five feet of water during the hurricane, leading to a re-think (and delay) on the site. Once a site is chosen, then architects will have to be chosen and come up with a design. Will the Nets still be at the PNY Center and Barclays Center next season as well? Almost certainly.