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P. J. Carlesimo talked with Avery Johnson before taking Nets coaching job

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In excerpts for the next episode of "The Association - Brooklyn Nets," P. J. Carlesimo talks about how he heard that his friend, Avery Johnson, had been fired and what his immediate reaction was: he wanted to talk with Johnson before he agreed to take over the team.

"We wanted to play a lot better. We wanted to work on things, but I think we felt good about our ability to bounce back and then, I get a phone call from Billy and basically, the whole thing gets turned upside down," says the Nets interim coach in the episode devoted to the coaching transition.

"It's a horrible thing for me because you didn't want it to happen. You wish it hadn't happened and now, you just got to decide whether you're going to go forward with it and what's going to happen after that. I told Billy ...I was coming up here to the practice facility... that I wanted to meet with Avery before I met with and talk to Avery. "I decided to take the opportunity and go forward."

In another excerpt, Joe Johnson and Deron Williams talk about how they found out about the change.

"I actually didn't find out until about one o'clock," said Johnson. "We had the day off and ne of my friends hit me from back home. He was like 'what! they fired Avery.' I said 'what you talking about. I don't know anything about this.' He said, 'yeah, it's all on the news and everything'."

D-Will said he was at the practice facility working out, "I was riding the bike and Billy came across the court to let me know he had just let Avery go. I was shocked. I had no clue it was coming. You know it wasn't one man's fault. It was the collective group."

The episode airs Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBA TV.