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Brook Lopez: "I definitely think I'm at the top"


Remember when, back in the summer, people were stunned that the Nets gave Brook Lopez the max: $61 million over four, the last year a player option. He had just come off an injury-filled season where he played only five out of 66 games, and big men with foot injuries are always going to be a risk. (See Ming, Yao).Then, there was his defense or lack of same.

Now, people are starting to sound like Shaquille O'Neal who famously called Lopez the best center in the NBA. As of Saturday, Lopez was fifth in the NBA in player efficiency rating, first in scoring among centers in the NBA, the Nets leading scorer and seven in the NBA in blocks.

Does he consider himself the top center in the league? After his coach said he's played as well as any center in the game, he was asked by Moke Hamilton if the agreed.

"I definitely feel that I’m at the top," he the SNY reporter. "I don’t really watch many other teams so I have to take it by when I play them and what I see when I see them, and I definitely think I’m at the top."