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Deron Williams calls for "change" in players union leadership

Chris Chambers

Deron Williams became the first NBA star to call for change in the leadership in the players union following a devastating report on the manner in which Billy Hunter, the union's executive director, has managed the players association finances.

"I think change is needed, top to bottom," Williams told Friday night. "I don't think things were getting voted on like they should have been," Williams said. "... I'm sure there's guys that are still with Billy, and some guys that aren't. We've just got to figure out what the next step is."

Among the allegations was that Hunter's 2010 contract extension -- worth as much as $18 million -- was not voted on by the board of 30 player representatives, in violation of the union's constitution and bylaws. Hunter has run the union for 16 years.

Williams also criticized the way the union ran negotiations last year. "I didn't like how things went down with this negotiation," Williams said. "I sat in on some of the meetings and nothing good came out of it while I was there. All along, they were telling us, 'Prepare for the lockout.' I think we weren't active enough, weren't aggressive enough. ... I think there could've been some other measures taken -- decertify earlier and a lot of other things."