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Andray Blatche commends Nets' "loyalty" in face of sexual assault allegations

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Andray Blatche told Stefan Bondy Friday that the Nets showed him "loyalty" in believing that he had nothing to do with allegations of sexual assault before a game in Philadelphia earlier this month.

Blatche has on several occasions contrasted the Nets style with that of his former team, the Wizards and seemed to be doing it again in comments to Bondy.

"My thing is if you going to preach about being a family, then be a family," Blatche said before Friday’s game against the Hawks. "And so far, this organization has been like a family. They had my back and everything when my whole situation happened. They had my back. They supported me. And that means a lot."

The Nets declined to comment other than in a statement by Billy King following press reports of the assault. In the statement, King said, "We are aware of an ongoing police investigation regarding a member of the Brooklyn Nets" and that all members of the team were available for action.

Blatche has steadfastly denied he was involved and was quickly released following questioning. Two other men in his hotel suite that night were held overnight but no one has been charged and the alleged victim told a local TV station that Blatche did not have sex with her. Blatche will be an unrestricted free agent in July.