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Joe Johnson promises better night vs. Hawks, thinks he's an All-Star

Joe promises better time Friday night. He knows he needs to.

Kevin C. Cox

Joe Johnson basically said he has two things to prove Friday night vs. the Hawks, that his 15-point, 4-of-15 performance was not indicative of who he is ... and that he thinks he's an All-Star.

Johnson was frustrated after Wednesday's game in Atlanta, that he and his teammates couldn't solve the double-teaming scheme the Hawks devised to keep him out of his game.

He told reporters "the frustrating part" of getting trapped "was not being in the right spots to make them pay ... It just didn’t seem like we knew where to be."

He promised, unsmilingly, things will be different on Friday night in Brooklyn. " "I expect a different Nets team. I expect for us to be a lot different on Friday," Stefan Bondy quoted him as saying.

Friday morning, Johnson was asked if he thought he should be an All-Star ... for the seventh straight time. ""Definitely," Johnson said with a laugh. "You gonna keep double- and triple-teaming me as hard as people doing." When asked who of him, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez deserved it most, Johnson said Lopez.

Not everyone dismisses the idea of Johnson making the team again. John Schuhmann of tweeted Friday afternoon, "Who's the 3rd East guard? I'd argue Joe Johnson over either Holiday or Lowry."