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Brooklyn Nets ticket price rise in secondary market tops NBA


The Nets have now won as many games as they did all of last season, having spent a third of a billion dollars over the summer to improve the product. So, it's not much of a surprise that the Nets also have the biggest year-to-year increase in ticket prices in the secondary market, according to a survey by RealGM.

The Nets (and their new arena) have become a popular attraction and the price of an average ticket on the secondary market has risen by 105 percent since their last year in New Jersey, according to the survey, which is based on data from VividSeats, a secondary ticket broker.

The rise and fall of prices on the secondary market are, in large measure, a function of teams' record, reports RealGM. The biggest drop in price has been experienced by the Bulls, whose tickets have fallen 27 percent, presumably because of the loss of Derrick Rose to injury.