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Bojan Bogdanovic Undecided about NBA?

Crobasket/B. Petrinovic

Bojan Bogdanovic got a break Sunday. After big minutes and big numbers last week, his Fenerbahce squad feasted on a lower-level Turkish club by nearly 40 and he played only 17 minutes, scoring seven points. Ilkan Karaman put up identical numbers, seven points in 17 minutes, against Olin Edirne.

The Nets track all his games, blowouts or not, watching video and not just highlight packages. Billy King has personally scouted him and met with him. Still, It's not a guarantee that the Nets roster will include the 6'8" Bojan Bogdanovic next season. He has an "NBA out" this July on this three-year contract that will permit him to sign with Brooklyn. He hasn't said much about this recently but at the beginning of the season, he told a Turkish paper that he'd like to play, but...only if he's going to contribute.

Whether I'm with the Nets will depend on how I play and what the results of my club will be. I'm not that crazy about the NBA league, but I'd like to try it. I feel that I can play in the NBA, but I do not want to go sit there and be satisfied with the fact that I was there.

So, you can bet that he and his agent have been following Mirza Teletovic's season ... and the Nets cap situation. Teletovic and Bogdanovic were both born in Mostar, Bosnia. Currently, the Nets would have to offer Bogdanovic some part of the $3.09 million mini-MLE or the rookie minimum for a second round pick, a little less than $500,000. He makes a multiple of that in Turkey.