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Did Brooklyn Nets "express interest" in Kenyon Martin?

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The season is now 35 games old, a couple of weeks away from mid point ... and Kenyon Martin is still out of work. There have been rumors since the summer that he would sign here or there. Last month, the Celtics reportedly passed on him, believing the mercurial K-Mart more trouble than he's worth. Now, there are reports that the Knicks and Lakers may be interested, but still no takers, no contracts.

Were his original team, the Nets, ever that interested? Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld reports they were. He lists the Nets among several teams, including the latest Knicks and Lakers, as having "expressed interest" in Martin. He provides no details as to when or at what level the interest was expressed but writes that despite reports and K-Mart's willingness to accept a vets minimum deal, "there aren’t any offers for the 35-year-old Martin to consider."