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Did Avery Johnson want Popeye Jones as his replacement?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Marc J. Spears in his power rankings --he has the Nets at No. 14-- writes that in his final discussions with management, Avery Johnson suggested that instead of P.J. Carlesimo, the Nets should promote Popeye Jones to interim head coach.

Avery Johnson tried to sell the Nets on making assistant Popeye Jones interim coach after his firing, but they opted for Carlesimo, a source said.

Jones, who was an assistant coach under Johnson in Dallas before he joined the Nets, has no head coaching experience, but has long hoped for an opportunity. The Nets are the fourth NBA team P.J. Carlesimo has coached at the NBA level, having previously worked in Portland, Golden State and Seattle/Oklahoma City. He also coached Seton Hall to both the NCAA Finals and the Elite Eight before. Moreover he was an assistant coach for the 1992 Dream Team, the Spurs, winning three rings, and the Raptors.