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2013 Free Agency

Stories related to 2013 free agency

Kidd: No back-to-backs for KG

The Nets play 20 back-to-backs this season and Kevin Garnett probably won't play both ends of any of them. So says Jason Kidd who said he's spoken to KG about it. Garnett, 37, played 68 games last season, with Doc Rivers managing his minutes.

Prokhorov: "For me, there's only one place: first"

Mikhail Prokhorov talked to Sport-Express, Russia's leading sport sites this week, providing details of his strategy, including how money means less to him than "his principles," that is, "for me, there has always been only one place, first."

Deron Williams and the need to lead

If the Nets are to be serious contenders this season, even with all that All-Star talent, Deron Williams has to lead them. Chris Broussard writes that if Williams can lead them to a big season, he must be considered a dark-horse MVP candidate.

Pierce: I hate the Knicks "with a passion"

Angel Diaz interviewed Paul Pierce at last week's G-Shock event. It's published this week in Complex Magazine. Let's just say he leaves no doubt about how he feels about the Knicks. He hates them "with a passion."

KG may miss some games, but he can still shoot

Ben Couch, in his continuing series on the Nets off-season acquisitions, takes a look at Kevin Garnett's shot charts and finds that the 6'11" center-power forward can still shoot ... at a very high rate.

For Nets, Knicks, a rivalry that's already begun

As Andy Vasquez of the Record writes the two New York teams Thursday, "Debating which team is better in August, is a bit of a fruitless exercise, but one NBA fans engage in because, we’ve got a little too much time on our hands." Still, we try.

Can Nets benefit from the "JET Phenomenon?"

The context is quite different, but some of the facts are interesting nonetheless. Mavs Moneyball examines the JET Phenomenon, that is the effect Jason Eugene Terry had on the Mavs during their glory years. Could he do it again for the Nets?

Lopez: "We're checking our egos at the door"

Brook Lopez spoke at last week G-Shocked event to a number of reporters, including Angel Diaz, whose interview was published Monday. if you want more optimism, you came to the right place.

Snaer rejects Nets camp invite, signs in Italy

Michael Snaer, the 6'5" Florida State shooting guard, has rejected a Nets offer to join their training camp roster and instead has signed with an Italian League team, Enel Brindisi. The signing was officially announced Monday.

Agents played big role in Nets off-season

Some of the NBA's biggest agents, most prominently Jeff Schwartz and Andy Miller, were big players in the Nets off-season, from the hiring of Jason Kidd to getting Kevin Garnett to waive his no-trade clause. We look at who reps who on the Nets.

Pierce, Terry talk to Boston Globe about future

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe spoke to Paul Pierce and Jason Terry in recent days, Terry about the short-term, Pierce the long-term. Both were optimistic, with Pierce admitting he will reassess his career after he becomes a free agent in July.

Can Nets, Clippers "run" their towns?

Jeff Caplan of examines the rising fortunes of the Nets and Clippers and suggests that while both clubs can make a dent in the popularity of their big rivals, the Knicks and Lakers still rule New York and Los Angeles. For now.

LeBron impressed with Nets moves

LeBron James in an interview with ESPN's Brian Windhorst says he's impressed with the moves the Nets made this off-season bringing in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry and new coach Jason Kidd.

Alan Anderson ... the bonus Net

As the Nets moved from Plan B (finding a wing after Bojan Bogdanovic couldn't get out of his buyout) to Plan A+ (signing Andrei Kirilenko), they took a long look at Alan Anderson. Even after AK-47 signed, they liked what they saw in A-Squared.

"Time for the Nets to start running this city"

It's Paul Pierce Day on NetsDaily. He's been everywhere since last night, getting photographed and interviewed. He's no longer pining for Boston. He's staking his claim to the city. "It's time," he said, "for the Nets to start running this city."

Schultz: Nets Among Biggest "Losers" of Offseason

Jordan Schultz of the Huffington Post wrote a column this morning calling the Brooklyn Nets one of the biggest losers of the offseason, after the team had received mostly praise all summer for their offseason moves.

"The Truth" talks BKLYN: D-Will, Prokhorov, Knicks

In an interview with Adam Figman of SLAM, Paul Pierce talks about what he and Kevin Garnett can bring to Brooklyn, Mikhail Prokhorov's long-term legacy, how he's getting on and what he listens to before Knicks games.

Parish warns Pierce of an "awkward" transition

In an interview with The Sporting News, Robert Parish says Paul Pierce should expect an initial period of awkwardness as he transitions from 15 years in Boston to his first year in Charlotte. Parish left Boston after 14 years with the Celtics.

Silver: Mikhail Prokhorov "playing by the rules"

Adam Silver admitted to Tim Bontemps Wednesday that what the Nets did this off-season is perfectly legal under the CBA, but it's not something the league anticipated during its labor talks with the players union two years ago.

Lowe: Lots of animosity, jealousy towards Nets

Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe of Grantland talk for more than 10 minutes about the Nets as part of the latest B.S. Report .. and the basic point of the podcast is that the Nets are the focus of a lot of "jealousy and animosity" toward Brooklyn.

Are the Nets "like the Beatles?" Plumlee says yes!

Mason Plumlee was at the MSG training facility in Westchester Tuesday for the annual rookie photo shoot. He spoke openly about the Nets' own expectations for the season. He chose an interesting analogy. "We're going to be like The Beatles."

Aldridge: Nets had second best offseason

According to David Aldridge of, the Brooklyn Nets had the second best offseason, behind only the Houston Rockets who signed Dwight Howard this summer.

Nets, a team full of ex-teammates

Teammates should make for good chemistry, and as a list we put together shows, the players --and coaches-- who will make up the Nets next season have often worked together ... and like each other.

Nets trade assets - all in to win

To say this year's summary of the Nets cap situation differs from last year's understates what we've seen this summer. One of the biggest stories of the NBA off-season has been Mikhail Prokhorov's break-the-bank treatment of the CBA

Rivers: Brooklyn could give Pierce "more life"

Doc Rivers, who coached Paul Pierce for nine years, understood Pierce's disappointment but tells Rod Boone a positive reception in Brooklyn could give the future Hall of Famer's career "more life."

A mixed history of 37-year-old big men

No active player has logged as many minutes as KG. Ray Allen is next, 3,393 minutes behind. He is also 11th all-time in games played and could vault to sixth this season, catching up to his coach who won a championship at 38.

Coach: Nets better but Heat have "too much talent"

Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown takes an extended look at how the Nets will fare this season vs the Heat. The video breaks down both the Nets' inability to handle Miami last season and how this year's additions will help.

SB Nation Power Rankings: Nets are 8th

In the SB Nation NBA power rankings, the Brooklyn Nets came in 8th, collectively, while the Miami Heat were the top team and the Philadelphia 76ers came in last place.

Editor: Spending assures big second year at arena

Abraham D. Madkour, executive editor of Sports Business Journal, has an admission: he underestimated the Nets' ownership. He expressed concern that the Nets first year in Brooklyn could be a tough act to follow. Not concerned now.

AK-47: Russian connection makes me feel at home

Andrei Kirilenko spoke with beat writers Thursday and said all the right things, starting with how he thinks the Nets are legitimate contenders and the presence of a Russian owner, Russian executives and a big Russian community make him feel at home.

Bogdanovic wanted Nets but happy in Turkey

Bojan Bogdanovic sat down with another European website to explain why he couldn't join the Nets this season, but added that he's not disappointed by the turn of event because Fenerbahce has "stepped up" and assembled a great team.

Chad Ford: Nets did well, but the abyss awaits...

The Nets get a solid B+ from Chad Ford for their off-season. He says of them "This team can compete with anyone in the East or West." but Ford spends a lot of his analysis on the ways that it might not work and what a disaster that could be.


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