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2013 Free Agency

Stories related to 2013 free agency

Does Collins have another NBA role to play?

Jason Collins says he's uncertain if he'll return to the court next year, but admitted he wants to play a role in empowering people. Might the league enlist him in their marketing of the WNBA and NBA to the LGBT community? Seems like an ideal match.

Player Nets got for Armor is called up by 76ers

A player the Nets had the Armor trade for --and who the Nets thought has NBA potential-- has instead been called up by the 76ers. Lorenzo Brown, a 6'5" point guard from North Carolina State, had been cut by Timberwolves in October.

Allen, Pierce, KG still incommunicado

Ray Allen fails to see a distinction between him leaving for Miami as a free agent and Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett agreeing to a trade. In an interview before the Heat loss in Boston, Allen lamented that his former teammates still wont talk to him.

Garnett, Blatche have no-trade clauses

Marc Stein, in assembling his no-trade team, reports two Nets have clauses in their contracts that would require Brooklyn to get permission to trade them: Kevin Garnett and Andray Blatche. The two came upon their no-trade status in different ways.

Prokhorov: "I'm like a kid in a candy store"

Mikhail Prokhorov, oligarch and Russian presidential hopeful, loves his Nets. "I felt like a big kid in the candy store, and I think that a lot of fans with me also to that candy store because there is a lot of excitement with what we did."

A Tale of Two Cities: THE TRADE and its effects

Amos Barshad of Grantland writes of the changes brought by THE TRADE this summer, on the Celtics, the Nets and the two protagonists of the off-season drama: Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. It is a great read.

Ainge: KG, Pierce have "more good basketball left"

Boston Magazine talked to Danny Ainge about his decision to trade Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett --and let Doc Rivers go-- and although there's a lot of shorthand about the trade, the piece quotes Ainge on what he thinks Pierce and Garnett have left.

There's a limit to Prokhorov's largesse. Really

In an article on how GMs' try to calibrate their owners' expectations, Ric Bucher reveals there is a limit to Mikhail Prokhorov's spending ... and it has been reached. Even if someone goes down, there be no replacement brought in.

Fans ready embrace of Blatche big reason he stayed

Andray Blatche, talking with YES, admits that he was nervous about his first preseason game in Brooklyn last year, The Nets faced his old team, the Wizards. The way he was treated that game and all last season made him realize Brooklyn was home.

AK-47: Moving with a purpose and hungry for ring

Shaun Livingston says of Andrei Kirilenko that he "moves with a purpose." Livingston is referring to AK-47's court persona, but it could also apply to his decision-making off the court, taking less money to win and retiring from FIBA basketball.

Even before trade, Pierce saw Nets as "best fit"

In a cover piece in DuJour Magazine, Paul Pierce says he and his agent, Jeff Schwartz agreed even , before the big Draft Day trade that Brooklyn was his "best fit," if as expected the Celtics were going to trade him. In a cover piece in DuJour Magazi

How AK-47 became a Net

Jared Zwerling in Bleacher Report writes about a phone call that may have changed the Nets' fate, one between Andrei Kirilenko and his agent, Marc Fleisher. A day after AK-47 had said "No" to the Nets proposal for the mini-MLE, he changed his mind.

Jaric signs training camp deal with Nets

Marko Jaric wanted a chance at a comeback. The Nets wanted another veteran in their training camp backcourt mix. He lives in Manhattan. They play in Brooklyn. So the Nets on Monday signed the 34-year-old Serbian point guard to a training camp deal.

Andrei and Andray among best value contracts

The Nets roster is expensive, more expensive than than any team in NBA history, but amidst the big name deals and trades are two of the league's best bargains: Andrei Kirilenko and Andray Blatche. Mark Deeks reports just how valuable.

NBA investigated Kirilenko signing, found nothing

Fred Kerber reports that at least one NBA owner requested a probe into the Nets signing of Andrei Kirilenko. The league undertook a thorough investigation but found no wrongdoing. It's the first indication that the NBA investigated the signing.

Danny Ainge's amnesia

To us, the big underplayed aspect of the Draft Day deal is how badly Danny Ainge wanted to get rid of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, but mostly Pierce. We take a look at what Ainge gave up to dump Pierce.

Ainge: Jeff Schwartz played big role in Nets trade

In a conversation with Bill Simmons, Danny Ainge talks about the trade that sent Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Nets, saying that a number of factors helped get the deal done, not the least of which was the "Schwartz Connection"

KG: I would have retired without Pierce

In an interview with Sina, the big Chinese media company, Kevin Garnett says he wouldn't have waived his no-trade clause and "without a doubt" retired if he was separated from Paul Pierce in any deal.

Shaun Livingston, the heart Brooklyn needs

The Nets were criticized last year for not having enough heart. Now, with guys like Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett --and Shaun Livingston who's work hard to recover from a career-defining injury, the Nets shouldn't have to worry about that anymore..

Billy King, Executive of the Year Candidate? Duh!

Fran Blinebury of lists his top five candidates for executive of the year and puts Billy King right after Daryl Morey of the Rockets, who came away with the big prize of the off-season, Dwight Howard. Blinebury admires King's risk-taking.

The very efficient Andrei Kirilenko

Ben Couch, in his latest (and final) look at the new Nets shot charts, portrays Andrei Kirilenko as an efficient offensive player who knows his strengths and capitalizes on them. That's what you'd expect from a 12-year veteran.

Nets name ticket Mini-Plans for KG, Pierce

If you call the Nets ticket sales office, you may be offered a mini-plan for 11 games this season. No surprise there, but you're likely to be asked "Big Ticket or The Truth?" Because that's what the Nets have named the mini-plans.

David Thorpe disses Jason Kidd's coaching

In his story on "burning questions" for Atlantic Division teams, David Thorpe wonders "does Jason Kidd have a clue about coaching?" He cites how Kidd, while not coaching in Orlando, took a phone call on the bench. Really, that's it?

Can Nets depth in froncourt propel them to top?

The Nets are loaded upfront. No doubt about it. Behind Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez the likes of Andray Blatche and Reggie Evans should keep the team afloat in the depths of the East. Did they build it to challenge the Heat? Sure looks it.

Sean Deveney: Lone voice in the wilderness

Sean Deveney, in his Eastern Conference preview, writes of all the usual reasons why Nets fans should be concerned: Jason Kidd is a rookie coach and Kevin Garnett, Andrei Kirilenko and Paul Pierce are injury-prone. Still, he picks the Nets to win.

Predictions, Predictions and More Predictions

It's that time of year. Free agency is over. A few minor trades dot the webscape, some so small even Woj isn't interested enough to break them. So it's time for predictions and rankings and depth charts and myriad of other crystal-ball gazing

Spike Lee says Paul Pierce "talking crazy"

Like Walt Frazier said, it's the fans that create rivalries, but players can help and that's what's happening around New York, despite some "tut-tuts" from writers who think it's all so silly. The latest salvo was fired Wednesday by Spike Lee.

How much gas does this JET have left?

Jason Terry is a spark plug off the bench, but after a down year in Boston, many wonder if he can be a quality role play for the Nets. Reed Wallach believes he has plenty left to offer.

Nets get 'A' from CBS Sports

The reports on who did well this off-season continue to sputter in. Tuesday, it was Matt Moore of CBS Sports offering his take, and despite some sniping about the Nets love of marketing --and gratuitous slaps at mysterious Russians-- he likes them.

JET: "We got champions ... we got tons of talent"

Before joining his teammates in L.A. Jason Terry stopped by Floyd Mayweather's training camp in Las Vegas. Chris Robinson of Doghouse Boxing caught up with him and asked him about the Nets. As he said, "I'm very excited."

Game 7 collapse drove Celtic trade, says Eagle

It was the collapse against a depleted Bulls team that drove the Nets to make the big Celtic deal, says Ian Eagle. Getting "pushed around in their own building" drove "upper management" to address leadership and toughness issues.

Teletovic hopes for opportunity early next season

Mirza Teletovic, interviewed after Bosnia lost to Russia in a Eurobasket friendly, said he hopes to get an opportunity to prove himself at the beginning of next season and said the front office has assembled "a roster for two great NBA teams."


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